I lay watching

I lay watching my little boy sleep this morning. He’s nearly six and insists that his place is snoring between mummy and daddy. They are only young for such a short time and I’m a sucker for his company so I spend my nights in bed with a pile of cuddly toys and a little person who takes up far more room than an adult. 

As I watch him dream and listen to him breathe I am awash with love for him. But I also worry. 

We all know the nature nurture theory and I worry how growing up in a house with depression will affect him. He is a very positive little sole and I do my best to encourage that but can I possibly teach him all the life skills he will need so that he does not have to experience it? 

Our family motto is “love, laugh, live”. It seems a good place to start. As he grows and develops I answer his questions honestly and show him how to turn things into positives. I hope to send him out into the world with life skills that will sustain him and a support network to turn to whenever he needs it. 

Love Laugh Live


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