I have often thought, in fact, better than that, I know that if we were all kinder to one another the world would be a much happier place.  It’s not rocket science is it? Kindness makes both people involved feel better, that can’t be bad. 

My good friend and inspiration Vanessa Louise has always said we need to be kind to ourselves. I add to that, just be kind. Vanessa is right, being kind to yourself is how we should all be. A lot of our problems would be solved if we were. It’s very, very hard and something to work towards.  

Being kind to others is easy. Just treat them as you would like to be treated. It’s so simple. 

I try and do at least one good turn a day. Sometimes it’s as small as letting someone pull out in traffic but other days a simple act can make a real difference. It doesn’t cost me anything but I can guarantee it rewards all involved. 

If you need cheering up, just be kind to someone. It’s the best tonic out there and is the start of being kind to yourself. 


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