The complex world….

The complex world of depression has been in the news recently and doubtless the media coverage will ensure that the self esteem of people with depression will plummet and they will go back into hiding. 

It is wrong to judge an illness with one sweeping statement. 

Like any illness, depression can manifest in a variety of ways and there are good days as well as bad. 

Depression is not an illness that is contagious, it is also rarely an illness that is focussed outwardly. The majority of the time a person with depression will turn inwards because they can only cope with thinking about themselves to get through the day. 

Understanding this helps the hidden supporter to get through their day. 

Depression also does not mean that the person is not a fully functioning member of society. Many people with depression hold down successful jobs and are seemingly ‘happy’ to outsiders, only showing their true feelings at home. 

If depression were a physical illness such as diabetes, media coverage would be less blame filled but people’s fear of mental illness and the stigma attached mean that sufferers have to hide their illness which further affects their feelings of self worth. 

Is it time to say “I’m out and proud” and to show the world that people with depression are not weak or scary, they are people who need a bit of support to cope with what the world has thrown at them. 


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