Easter weekend

Sometimes as a hidden supporter the thought of a bank holiday weekend can fill us with dread. While many people are looking forward to the time off work, we wait to see what mood our depression sufferer will be in and that can change the whole feel of the weekend. A weekend can start off well and change in an instant, so while others are relaxing and kicking back, the hidden supporter can be living on egg shells. 

So how can you survive the long weekend?

Obviously you need to be sympathetic to the sufferer, but also you need to consider the rest of your family. I make sure I build in some time for myself. It sounds selfish but if I am not strong then no one is supported properly. I make sure I do something I enjoy for a few hours which gives us both space and also enables me to recharge my batteries. 

5 years of bank holidays and family holidays mean that I can catch the signs early and sometimes turn the weekend around. 

If you are finding the weekend frustrating or hard, get in touch. Maybe I can help, but I can certainly listen. 


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