If you stop for a moment and take a look around what do you see? Do you even have time to stop?

I see a world where my generation rush around in circles. We have little time to do anything properly. Ask anyone how they are at the moment and they will respond that they are busy. 

It seems to have become a lifestyle choice and the busier we are the more successful we feel. We look around in the shallow world of social media and see that everyone else is busy and happy too and believe that it must be the way life should be. 

But if we scratch the surface or stop and look for a minute, are we truly happy? 

We only get one chance at this life and I know that mine is certainly passing in the blink of an eye. All the hours I work are meaningless if my little family do not feel loved. I was the ultimate rusher, I work in my own business, raise a young family, look after my depression sufferer, do voluntary work, and was off gadding about the country every weekend to visit friends and family. That sort of life is unsustainable and I was trying to be perfect to all people. 

Admitting you need a weekend at home, reduced hours at work, more time in the garden or whatever it takes to give you and yours some quality of life is not a weakness, it is a very valid life choice. I am not super woman, I’ve tried it and didn’t like it. I’m me and I’m happy. 


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