Loud and proud

I honestly don’t know anyone who has not been touched by depression at some point in their lives. I myself had it in my late teens and over the years have seen friends and family experience it too. 

My parents generation do not believe in it (or stress for that matter) but that does not make it any less real and I feel sorrow for a generation who could not talk about it and who had no help. 

My generation are the first to begin to discuss it openly but the social stigma still exists to ensure that many people hide it from others including their loved ones, sometimes until it’s too late. Shame on society for that!

It’s time for us to stand up with our heads held high and to stop judging others. Life as a hidden supporter is part of that. I am not ashamed of my depression sufferer, I am proud of him for choosing life and for the steps he has taken. It has been an incredibly hard journey for both of us so I want to shout to the world how proud I am. 


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