Curve ball

Its often true of life that it is unusual to have everything going right at the same time so how do we cope with the curve ball?

A lesson I have learned is to listen to my instincts.  It’s usually a scary prospect but over my life so far, I have rarely found them to be wrong. The route they take me down may not be as easy as staying on the path I’m already on, but in the long run they always, without fail, give me the better result. 

Talking through my latest idea with my depression sufferer also helped us to bond over an issue that affects our little family. It enabled him to be and feel like he was supporting me, and boy is he ever. Depression sufferers are not always at rock bottom and we all need to remember that it’s ok to ask them for help sometimes too. 

Is it time for me to take a leap of faith? I think so. 


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