That person

There is a world of judgement surrounding depression. From the “pull yourself together” mob to the “they must be weak” crowd, our depression sufferer is up against it at evey turn, and by association so is the hidden supporter.

It is easy for outsiders to judge and blame. Maybe they think it is our fault, some one else’s fault or just plain don’t understand. There is judgement at every turn.

Finding someone that we can let of steam to can be hard. I was lucky. I found that person, a person who listened without judging, gave me tips without taking sides and was just there for both happy and sad days. I am eternally grateful to her.

But not everyone has that person. It’s hard to open up about a situation involving depression. It’s also hard to find some one who doesn’t judge or take sides.

This blog is aimed at people like us who need that some one to let it all out to, to rant and shout, to cry and laugh, to share the moments that can be bitter sweet or joyful. Please spread the word. Knowing there is some one else out there to listen and support you meant everything to me.


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