A must do

There are a number of websites and publications telling us all what we must and must not do. God help us if we break these rules, our world will come tumbling down. 

Aren’t we all individuals with individual circumstances? Wouldn’t it be best to suggest solutions rather than force them down our throats?

There is no one size fits all for depression. Each person’s experience will differ. I remember years ago at high school in a biology class, being told that though we all see a colour as the same colour, we all see it slightly differently. Not everyone’s red is the same but we all call it red. Isn’t this the same for the blues?

The pressure of being told what we can and can’t do surely just adds to our problems. Find a way to suit your situation. Trust your gut instinct. Listen to the guidance, but do not follow it if it does not suit you. Dare to break the rules. 


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