Spread the word

I’ve now been blogging on this site for two months and have had an overwhelming amount of responses. I feel it is time to spread the word, to toot the trumpet, to share the love.

There is a whole world out there and behind those closed doors are a frightening number of hidden supporters, struggling on alone as I did for five years.

I was out and about last week with a bunch of friends and one of them was confiding her struggles to me and she said that everyone else seemed to have such perfect lives, and berated herself for not feeling she could cope. I looked around the table and of the eight of us there, I knew that 6 had issues and 4 of them were hidden supporters. Obviously it is not my place to share the details, but I knew she needed to hear something so this is what I did:

I told her that she is not alone, that behind the closed doors of every perfect looking house, at some point in time everyone will have something to deal with and a number of them will be hidden supporters. I told her that she is just doing the best that she can, that she is loved and that she has a support network of people who understand and who want to help her. I told her about my situation.

I hope she went away from that night feeling stronger and feeling empowered and knowing that she now has a safety net if she needs it.

As the hidden supporter community grows on line, I would like to share this support with others. So please would you repost, retweet, or just plain talk to someone about this blog. There is no catch, I’m just a friendly face, in a friendly community, offering a non-judgemental and confidential shoulder for when it is needed.

None of us know whose closed door has a hidden supporter behind it. Sometimes it is where you least expect it.


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