Today I quite literally go into battle. I am awake early, my mind whirling with what ifs. In centuries past, I would have had a squire to put on my armour and ready my horse and weapons but in today’s world, battles are no longer fought on the field, but instead in the board room. My modern day squire snores beside me.

I know today I must remain strong while facing the bullies. I must fight every urge to sink into a childlike state and be back to the world of primary school where playground bullying was at least more obvious. I must stick to my guns and convictions, believe in my abilities. 

I must remember that although the outcome does affect my future, this will be for a finite amount of time, a year or two, not the rest of my life.

So it is time to put on my modern day armour, the life skills I have collected throughout my 43 years.

1. I must remember I am loved – this is fundamental to us all. Whatever is said to me this morning will be said by people who are not an important part of my future, people who I do not choose to be part of my life. The people who love me will be in that room with me in my heart and soul, supporting me.

2. I must remember I have value – that’s a tough one. Always taught not to brag, I have undersold myself for years, if not my entire life. Today I need to go against my training and believe I am the best.

3. I must remember that I have already done the hard part, I have made my choices and today’s battle is to be fought to enable me to live them. I am happy with my decisions and the conviction of this gives me the strength to fight for them.

To all hidden supporters out there facing battle, gird your loins and remember, you are loved, you have value and live the life you choose.


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