Last week I went to meet a trainee clinical psychologist who is conducting a study related to men’s mental health. Lauren has found so far that men will talk to their wife or partner whist they keep their depression a secret from the world at large. 

Having watched the Simon Jacks documentary on Panorama in April about male suicide, and spoken to Lauren about her findings, it is obvious how important a role we spouses play in the mental well being of our loved ones be  they male or female. 

Lauren is currently formulating a ‘tool kit’ to help hidden supporters to cope and to be able to help their person. Well done to her. I know that we have all felt alone in our struggle at times and her work could be invaluable to us all. 

If any of you feel able to help her with her research please let me know. It is all confidential and very gentle. I’d be happy to put you in touch. 


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