I hope, like me, that you are all enjoying the sunshine and warmth we are experiencing at the moment. My husband laughs when I describe being warmed to my bones by the sun shining down.  I can not help but feel better, cheered by the Suns golden rays. 

It is well known that we all feel happier in sunny weather. The endorphins flow and people smile and laugh, the beer gardens overflow, children paddle in the sea. What a sweeping statement that is. 

I had years of the ying and yang of summer with a depression sufferer. In the depths of despair, he would bemoan the heat, the insects, anything he could think of, while I skipped around like a child. Sometimes he was the only cloud in the sky. 

So I spare a thought for all my fellow hidden supporters and their supportee. I wish them all a little happiness while the sun shines. 


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