A wobble

As a hidden supporter in recovery, your whole world can come crashing round about you when your depression sufferer has a wobble. Whilst I know that my depression sufferer cannot help his wobbles, when they begin to happen more frequently I know the signs are ominous. 

Fact – I love my depression sufferer. 

This is a fact I have to remember when his moods engulf the household, when his memory is shot to pieces and it’s all he can do to remember what day it is, when his own world wraps him up so tightly that he can not hear a word I say, when the sniping starts. I love him. 

I am also sad. I know what it means if he cannot pull himself out of the fug, both for him and for the household. I chose him and I will stick with him through thick and thin. But I am still sad. 

I guess I am not as sad as he is though, so I gird my loins and pack up my troubles, square my shoulders to face the future by his side. 


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