It’s been a while since my last blog. I’ve been a tad busy resigning from my job and setting up a new business, raising my family and organising the summer holidays (yes, a quiet month!). As ever I am there whole heartedly for my depression sufferer. 

He’s been slipping and following last month’s wobble, we’ve agreed he needs more help again. He sees this as failure and I work with him now, to show him it is merely one step backwards amongst his giant strides forward. 

Living with depression is a roller coaster, sometimes a hard slog to the top of the peak, but worth all that effort as we race together down the slope holding hands and laughing. 

For all you hidden supporters out there, when your DS relapses, it can be hard to see the top of the hill but you can make it there, taking each day one step at a time. Lean on this group of amazing people. We all know what you are going through. Take time for yourself, it will keep you strong. And whatever happens, just being you is all you can do. 

So as the summer holidays roll along with the different pressures that brings, as I work my notice and spend my spare time on my new venture, I will be me, I will not blame myself or my DS and I will continue to be strong for him and for my family. Depression will not take August from us. 


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