A little bit of history

I’m a wife, mum and friend who works and lives in the modern world. My generation seem to spend all their time running round in circles chasing their tails and bemoaning the fact we are so busy. Something has to give. 

5 years ago after the birth of our son, my husband developed depression. He wasn’t officially diagnosed until 18 months ago, at which point he was given full NHS support. This quite literally changed our lives. 

As he continues on his journey I began to wonder what the impact had been on myself and my family. I turned to a support group to discuss my feelings and discovered there wasn’t one. This seemed odd. We hidden supporters live with the person suffering day in and day out, we keep them buoyed up, we tip toe around their feelings so that we don’t make things worse for them, we hold them when they cry and laugh with them when the laugh. We do this out of love, but it can be tiring for us. 

This website is set up to allow the hidden supporters to feel supported too. It does not judge or criticise any one involved. We all have our own journey and sometimes we need a hand to hold along the way. 

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