Being human

Sometimes as a hidden supporter I wonder how I have anything left to give. I am an incredibly positive person, my glass isn’t just half full, I’m pretty sure it’s being topped up when I’m not looking. So to find my positivity continually rebuffed can be draining.

Deep down I know that it is not anyone’s fault that this happens but it is frustrating none the less. I’ve read all the guides and I know full well how I should respond, but hey, I’m human too. 

That is the hard thing about being a hidden supporter. We are human too. We have our own needs and yet for the love of our depression sufferer we put those into the back ground and spend our lives thinking about how our behaviour will affect them. 

I’m not perfect, I’ve made mistakes and broken many of the rules that the ‘helpful’ websites suggest regarding how to speak to a person with depression. I’ve felt the guilt and I’ve felt the fear that I may have tipped things over the edge. But we have survived and you can too. 

Be human and just love. No one is perfect so don’t be too hard on yourself. Be proud of each day the two of you get through together. Each day is a step forward, even if it doesn’t feel like it. 


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